Retreat Center in the Morbihan region of Brittany
A place of learning for tomorrow's world.
An oasis dedicated to the pursuit of that which is essential
Come back to the Source,
Live in harmony with others,
Develop a genuine relationship with nature...
A place for spiritual and communal living
Where everyone participates in caring for outdoor spaces.
The alliance of contemplation and action
A place to care for your soul, your health and that of the earth.


Discover our offerings


Individual retreats

We offer a welcoming setting to anyone who feels the need to return to themselves, to regain inner balance, good health and a calm mind.


Classes & Events

We offer numerous workshops and events throughout the year: whirling dervish dance, yoga, movement art, meditation, sound baths, singing, plant workshops, Christmas crafts market…

danse derviche tourneur

Group retreats & workshops

Give yourself a break from routine and distractions, and get back to basics thanks to a framework that is clear and welcoming, a splendid natural setting and a group of people who hold up a mirror to help you get to know yourself better.


Massages, Treatments & Healing Modalities

We offer wellness massages for body and soul, “walk & talk” sessions, osteopathy, relaxation, conscious breathing and meditation, and energy treatments.


Our Upcoming Events

Méditation de pleine conscience

10 December 2023

par Eliane Spanin.
Ateliers réguliers au Moulin des Hirondelles

Enseignements et méditations, marches méditatives et des temps d’échanges et de partages.

Shab-i-Aruç, la nuit des noces

16 December 2023

Soirée de célébration soufie. Dhikr et Samâ, chant de mantras, musique soufie, poésie soufie, danse derviche tourneur.

Retraite silencieuse “Au coeur de l’hiver”

28 December 2023
  au 1 January 2024

Retraite collective en silence, pour hommes et femmes. Repos, lecture, balades, méditation, yoga, soins,… tout en silence. Célébration du passage et rupture du silence le 31 décembre.