Group Retreats & Workshops

A retreat or group workshop is a break from everyday life and a return to oneself. Away from habits and distractions, we can dive within and observe a natural personal transformation.

The group acts as a precious mirror that enables us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and to align ourselves with our innermost being. The natural world around us reflects our true nature, which is simply waiting to be revealed.

The practices shared and the teachings given during the retreats are drawn from the world’s spiritual traditions, particularly Sufism.

Who are they for?

Our retreats and workshops are open to men and women, singles and couples, of all ages.

Whether this is part of a long-term process or your first experience, we welcome you. All you need is an openness to worldly wisdom and a desire to experience community.

All retreats and courses are residential, unless you live nearby.

The “Beauty & Majesty” retreat is an exception in that it is reserved for women only.

Our offerings retreats