Le Moulin des Hirondelles


Le Moulin des Hirondelles is located in a natural ecosystem requiring preservation, where human beings care for living things out of love, for all of us and for future generations. Here, we practice living together in peace, awareness and presence, through listening, respect, generosity, forgiveness, beauty and a host of eco-gestures.

In today’s desert crossing, we need oases where we can find ourselves, refuges where we can refocus, springs where we can quench our thirst. Le Moulin des Hirondelles aims to meet these needs, which affect us all at some point in our lives.

A place of welcome and life

A few of us live here permanently, others in the surrounding area, and still others come for short stays. Our center is open to adults and young people of all backgrounds who adhere to our charter, wish to learn from others, lend a hand and contribute to a better world.

A place of awareness and ecology

We are an LPO Refuge (Bird Protection) and a member of the Morbihan region’s Eco-Responsible Tourism label.

We strive to limit our consumption at all levels, and to share, repair and recycle what we already have. We use renewable energies and ecological building materials.

Meals are homemade, 100% organic, vegetarian and balanced. We have a vegetable garden, an orchard and a chicken coop. We buy seasonal produce as locally as possible. We sort, compost and limit our waste. We have dry toilets and sheep that mow the lawn.

When you stay at Le Moulin, you’ll become more aware of these issues and we’ll invite you to join us in these practices.

A place of communal Awareness

We practice, encourage and share in active listening, dialogue, respect, questioning, trust, patience, forgiveness and gratitude, all key elements for living together in peace.

We pay particular attention to the balance between what we receive and what we offer. Human beings have plundered the earth to such an extent that they have become impoverished. The Moulin des Hirondelles, where nature abounds, offers itself to us generously. It invites us to do the same.

Where is le Moulin des Hirondelles ?

Le Moulin des Hirondelles is located in Pluvigner, Morbihan, Brittany. It lies in a vast, unspoilt green setting, with water running through it and tall trees surrounding it. Between beaches and forests, menhirs and cathedrals, Le Moulin is a place dedicated to peace and seclusion.

Le Moulin is 6 km from Pluvigner, a lively little town between Vannes and Lorient. The nearest train station is Auray. We can pick you up from there.

If you’re coming by car, use Google Maps or Waze, which recognize Le Moulin des Hirondelles.