Restful Stays & Retreats

Individual Retreats

Need a break? Come and return to the Source for a few days. If you need to spend time alone, we can support you with a personalized silent retreat. Or if, on the other hand, have you experienced too much solitude and are in need of warmth, connection and movement, we’d be delighted to open our doors to you.

Because each person is unique, each stay is unique. Because our sensitivity enables us to recognize and respect your deepest needs, we are committed to welcoming you as you are. That’s why we offer an à la carte service in a peaceful and enchanting setting.

How it works

Depending on the season and your needs, we will welcome you into the rhythms of the Moulin: rest, walks, reading, writing, helping in the garden and preparing meals. Meals and evenings by the fire can be spent alone or with other retreatants.

The support we provide is à la carte and depends on each person’s needs:

  • Conversation (listening and spiritual guidance)
  • Wellness massage
  • Energy treatment / magnetism
  • Osteopathy session
  • Reiki
  • Guided body awakening
  • Guided meditation
  • Movement ART on Monday afternoons in a group, or private session
  • Yoga on Tuesday mornings in a group, or private session

Free & at your disposal

  • Outdoor spaces: river, pond, meadows, majestic trees, all on 3.7 hectares
  • Large living room with wood-burning stove and view of the landscape
  • Library & reading area with tea station
  • Fine art materials (clay, colored pencils, felt-tip pens, pastels, charcoal, etc.)


A private, single room will be reserved for you. Bed linens and towels are provided. You have free access to a spacious living room with a view of the countryside and a wood-burning stove.

Meals are taken alone or together with other retreatants. We lovingly prepare homemade vegetarian meals with healthy, organic, local and seasonal ingredients. We take any food intolerances or allergies into account and adapt serving sizes accordingly.

Individual stays are available all year round, subject to availability. Stays last a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 nights. We have 4 rooms available.

An Oasis of Peace

Le Moulin des Hirondelles is an oasis of peace, where you can connect with that which is essential, while communing with majestic, unspoilt nature. It’s a place where you can simply be, without concern for appearances, where social masks are no longer required, and where we seek and encourage authenticity. We will accompany you and take care of you, just as much as you’ll take care of yourself.

At Le Moulin des Hirondelles, we aim to be in service of Love and Peace, protecting the well-being of the human family and other kingdoms, and experiencing living together in peace. These are the driving forces that ensure that even today, in this upside-down world, life can have deep meaning.

Meaning which aligns us both horizontally and vertically. We wish to share this meaning and connectivity.