Massages & Treatments

at Moulin des Hirdondelles

A multidisciplinary team is ready to support you, whatever your needs may be.

You can benefit from a treatment or other session during your stay at the Moulin des Hirondelles or, if you live nearby, regular sessions are possible.

The treatment modalities we offer


with Mélanie Noura Buonomo

Mélanie lives and works at the Moulin des Hirondelles.

Her massages reach every level of you: mind, body and soul – while her beautiful heart-connected presence brings extra warmth. These treatments are quite complementary with the spiritual guidance work offered by Aya.

Price: €50/hour


with Jean-Michel Fradin

First and foremost, we will aim for the disappearance or relief of the symptom that motivates the consultation, but we (the patient and the practitioner) will also explore together prevention and possible sources of any dysfunctions. With the practitioner’s help, the patient will look for ways to modify his or her lifestyle. This may involve postural, dietary, behavioral or organizational changes, as well as physical hygiene involving regular movement. In this way, the osteopath can play a real support role during seasonal visits.

Price: €70/hour

Energy Work

with Lucie Van der Werf

Both soothing and energizing, the treatment purifies and illuminates the connection with who you really are, and raises your vibratory rate. Your emotions are boosted, becoming more positive and attracting more constructive events into your life. It’s like a virtuous circle that leads you to the elevation of your consciousness and the freedom to realize your full potential. Potential benefits include: mental and physical soothing, reduction of stress symptoms, harmony, fulfillment, pain relief, strengthening the immune system, re-establishing the circulation of vital energy, nurturing the mind-body connection…

Price: 75€ for 1.5 hours


with Primelle Lamballais

Reiki is one of the so-called “energy” methods. It originated in Japan at the beginning of the last century and has since become very popular in the West. It’s a gentle technique that can be practiced on oneself, as well as on others. By placing their hands on specific points on the body, the practitioner channels Reiki, which could be translated as “universal life energy”. This rebalances the person’s energies and brings deep, lasting, physical and emotional relief.

Price: €50/hour