One-on-One Guidance

with Aya Annika Skattum

When you’re going through a difficult period, facing trials, feeling at an impasse, having lost a loved one, questioning the meaning of life or which direction to take, overwhelmed by emotions or physical symptoms, it’s time to listen to your soul.

Our ego will resist this quest for truth and find a thousand excuses not to go. That’s why it’s useful to have a fellow traveler who has already come a long way, who has perspective, who listens from the heart and who isn’t afraid of the darker passages of being.

I can be that companion on the road to your soul’s revelation.

Guidance on All Levels

body, mind, heart and soul

Through empathic listening and shared experience, conscious breathing, movement and meditation, I help you to find the words, breathe consciously, untie knots, release emotions, express your truth, learn to love yourself, transform your relationships and get to know yourself better and better.

What I offer is support, not care. The person being coached must take responsibility for his or her own life, and demonstrate autonomy outside the sessions.

My support is based on my spiritual, therapeutic and artistic journey. It comes from the heart and feels both tender and firm. I listen and hold up a kind mirror to help you get to know and love yourself.

Since free will is our ally, I don’t impose anything. Instead, I invite you to connect to your thirst for love and your quest for truth, powerful inner motors for moving beyond the unattainable ideal image of ourselves, created by conditioning and social pressure. For the thirst for love is quenched by our ability to love ourselves, and the quest for truth by our courage to be true.

One-on-One Guidance

Live coaching sessions take place at the Moulin des Hirondelles in Pluvigner, Morbihan, Brittany.

Individual sessions via ZOOM last between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Price: €60/hour