One-on-One Guidance

for your overall well-being

“True beauty is the rays that spring from the sacred depths of the soul and illuminate the outside of the body, just as life springs from the core and gives the flower colour and fragrance” Khalil Gibran

Guidance on All Levels

body, mind, heart and soul

When you’re going through a difficult period, facing trials, feeling at a dead end, gripped by anxiety, having lost a loved one, the meaning of life or the direction to take, overwhelmed by emotions, great fatigue or other physical symptoms, it’s time to turn inwards and listen to your soul.

Having been through these areas of discomfort, we know that it is necessary to be accompanied, to be listened to and to receive tools to get back on track. The companion you choose from among us has already come a long way, he or she is able to stand back from his or her own process, is available to listen and is not afraid of the darker passages of being.

Among us, you can find a fellow traveller, for a short while or for longer-term support. This support can be backed up by treatments or massage.

Spiritual guidance

By listening empathetically and sharing my experience, I help you to put into words, to express your truth, to see with other eyes, to learn to love yourself, to transform your relationships and to know yourself more and more.

My guidance is essentially spiritual, but also based on my years of practice as a transpersonal therapist and art therapist. It comes from the heart and feels both gentle and firm. I listen and hold up a kind mirror to help you get to know and love yourself as you are.

Weather permitting, our sessions take place outdoors, in the presence of water, trees, wind and animals.

Price: €60/hour.

Mindfullness meditation

Accessible to everyone, mindfulness meditation gives us the opportunity to meet ourselves and cultivate a stable, caring presence in order to explore and welcome the riches of our inner life. This openness to ourselves helps to enhance our well-being and that of others.

I guide you through this time of returning to yourself: you’ll settle down and experience a simple, deep practice that helps to reduce stress and return to the present moment with greater serenity. We’ll also take the time to discuss your feelings, and I’ll give you some pointers on how to get to know this meditative practice better.

Price: €50/hour

Hatha yoga / Yoga Nidra

In a one-to-one Hatha yoga class, you can rediscover inner calm, feel tensions dissolve, your body become more supple, your breath flow and your vital energy circulate. Becoming aware of your physical body and subtle essence as they align and unite allows you to feel more inspired and at home in your life.

Yoga Nidra is practices laying down. It brings deep relaxation for physical and mental rejuvenation, which improves sleep and memory and helps you to manage your emotions better.

Price: €55/hour

Food-related support

Un espace d’écoute et de soutien est crée avec la personne, à chaque fois singulier et unique. A travers le sujet de la nourriture, Kristell vous aide à prendre conscience de ce qui compte vraiment pour vous et à faire des choix ajustés. Le corps est pleinement acteur dans les séances, ce n’est pas que la tête qui donne des informations.
Kristell est convaincue que cette attention au sensible et au vivant fait que vous vous sentirez plus unifié, plus global donc plus solide pour avancer.
Tarif : 55€/séance (durée 1h15)

Support in grief, end of life and for caregivers

The support I offer can be adapted to any life situation involving the loss of certain points of reference.

Death touches us in all our depths. Starting with you and your sensitivity, I offer you a simple, dedicated time to take care of this process that shakes up both your outer life and your inner being. It’s a no-holds-barred, caring space where pain and joy are equally welcome. As each situation is unique, I adapt the suggestions I make during my sessions to suit you, using a specific toolbox. I’m not a psychologist, psychic or medical practitioner. For one session, or for a longer period, I offer to support you in your relationship with death, and therefore with life itself.

Price 50 euros/session (1-2 hours).