Le Moulin des Hirondelles

Our Story

One day in April of 2021, Annika and Mélanie discovered the wonderful world of the Moulin. They are the founders of this project and have been working on it since August of the same year. They began hosting guests in April of 2022.

The property was known as Melin de Kerbastard St Guy, but what Annika and Mélanie discovered was a paradise for swallows, human beings and all beings in transition. That is why they decided to rename it Moulin des Hirondelles.

It was once a grain mill: a place of transformation. The wheel and machinery are no longer there, but the water still flows, and transformation still takes place through the dynamic movement of life.

The seeds

Annika has always had this project at heart, even before the creation of the Maison de la Paix in Ile-de-France, La Lourette in the Luberon, Village Outouka in Casamance and La Fauvelle in the Pyrenees.

Today, it seems even more urgent to have havens of peace close to nature, places to get deep rest, relaxation and return to the Source in times of transition.

As she has no children of her own, this project is, for her, a story of transmission, of sharing a vision and a state of being. She wishes it a long life, well beyond her own.

The partnership

Annika is fortunate to have Mélanie Noura Buonomo at her side, who cooks divinely, sings praises and gives massages for the well-being of body and soul.

She has lived abroad, studied languages and literature, performing arts and the art of massage. She speaks French, German, English and Spanish, all to ensure you an excellent welcome.

We’re looking to expand our team to help us maintain the property: its buildings (various repairs and improvements), outside spaces (plants, river, pond, walls, bridges, fences), firewood (fallen branches and trees) and animals (dog, cat, sheep, hens and rabbits).

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have someone in mind!