Le Moulin des Hirondelles


We have 4 rooms available for guests, all beautiful and comfortable, with 2 to 4 single beds each. Altogether, they can sleep a maximum of 12 people. Three rooms are upstairs, above the main living room. They share a large bathroom and a separate toilet. The 4th bedroom, with 2 beds and en suite bathroom, is on the ground floor behind the living room. It has a shared balcony and is flooded with morning sun.

The “Bleuet” room has a beautiful view over the pond, the “Rose” room is a real cocoon, the “Chêne” room is large, spacious and bright, and the “Tournesol” room is a jewel. The mattresses are all new and of excellent quality, as are the pillows, comforters and sheets.

During the summer months, we have several pitches for vans and motor homes, as well as a large camping area for tents. A ground-floor bathroom/shower, as well as free-standing dry toilets are available to all.

The Living Room

Our Living Room was renovated in January-February of 2022. The 80 m2 room is bright and spacious, with large bay windows opening onto a wooden balcony to the south and the large terrace and pond to the north.

The wood floor, staircase, earth-coated wall and wood-burning stove create a very warm atmosphere.

The room is furnished with a dining table and armchairs, a large rug, two armchairs and plenty of cushions.

The Grounds

On a 3.7-hectare plot of land, there are multitudes of spots to choose from. The pond in the center of the land, just in front of the house, mirrors the changing sky, and is alive with birds and fish. The river that runs along the property provides a soothing sound, its water is fresh and pure, and its coolness much appreciated.

The tall trees stand like pillars between heaven and earth. They bear witness to past centuries, offering us their fruit and shade. The meadows are covered with soft grass that’s perfect for walking barefoot and lying down.

The Animals

We’ve adopted several animals that have come our way: Iris and Orion the dogs, Fleur the cat, the two rabbits, the 6 hens and, from March to January, some grazing sheep.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re looking for a good family for your animals.

The wild animals in the vicinity include birds of all kinds, rodents and hedgehogs, deer and wild boar.

Price List

Our rates are do not include VAT, please add 10% VAT for accommodation and meals, 20% VAT for rentals and transfers.

Tourist tax is €0.80/person/night.


Free access to the Living Room, the library and the grounds.


Our meals are vegetarian and often vegan. They are homemade, balanced, and made with organic, local and seasonal ingredients. We are able to make adjustments for food intolerances and allergies.