du Moulin des Hirondelles

Aya Annika Skattum

Transpersonal therapist, art therapist and whirling dervish, Aya has over 20 years' professional experience working with groups and individuals. Her experience also comes from extensive travel, pilgrimage, retreat and training, and her long-term commitment to a Sufi Sheikha. Of Norwegian origin, she grew up in Africa and has lived in France for over 20 years. Her experience in interior design, tourism, artistic and cultural projects and the creation of other homes and centers has led her to her current role as "miller" at the Moulin des Hirondelles. Aya thrives on nature and co-creating with the natural world. She has discovered that she is a vegetable gardener and permacultural gardener, and loves to share with others this love of living things.

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Mélanie Noura Buonomo

Mélanie lives and works at the Moulin des Hirondelles. She cooks divinely, sings praises and gives massages for the well-being of body and soul. She has lived abroad, studied languages and literature, performing arts and massage. She speaks French, German, English and Spanish, ensuring you an excellent welcome.

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Jean-Michel Fradin

"After more than 25 years of osteopathic practice, experience has shown me that in many cases, a strictly medical or bodily approach is not enough, even though restoring major bodily functions and restoring full vital potential are fundamental. This is why, in order to understand the individual as a whole, I became interested in psychology, and in the connections between the body, consciousness and the spiritual dimension of being."

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Primelle Lamballais

A lover of nature and a voracious liver of life, Primelle loves to pass on and share her knowledge, especially when it comes to taking care of oneself! After guiding her pupils along the learning path during her career as a schoolteacher, she now devotes herself to plants and well-being. Following her training at the Ecole Bretonne d'Herboristerie, she and her colleague Lila gather, cultivate and elaborate concentrated bud macerates and extracts of fresh medicinal plants, with the aim of offering their virtues to those who need them. She has also come to her well-being through Reiki, which she came across serendipitously on several occasions, and which brings profound well-being to her body and mind on a daily basis. Trained in Reiki Usui 1st and 2nd degrees, she transmits it with great enthusiasm, joy and simplicity.

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Lucie van der Werf

"In my quest to come ever closer to the divine human that I am - as are you - I have deepened my experience of the tools that have helped me most, such as sophrology, yoga, singing, a conscious approach to nature, massage, cleansing of disruptive energies and energy healing. Each day and each experience offer me the opportunity to know myself better and to let myself be guided more by my intuition and by the divinity in me, rather than by my personality. This gives me profound joy! So it's with great enthusiasm that I propose different ways of accompanying you to the heart of who you are."

Lucie Van der Werf offers yoga workshops at Le Moulin des Hirondelles, as well as energy treatments.

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Eliane Spanin

"A certified mindfulness meditation teacher with the Mindfulness Training Institute (MTI), my personal practice and understanding are nourished by the teachings of Martine and Stephen Bachelor, Martin Aylward and Pascal Auclair. I help adults discover and experience mindfulness. My aim is to provide everyone with the keys they need to reconnect with themselves, with others and with the world. My meditation practice became part of my daily life in 1982, after I became certified as a physiotherapist and osteopath. Chinese medicine, Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan, disciplines I've taught for over 20 years, also feed into my teaching, which I offer today through the association Ateliers du soi."

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Elise Hadiya Dubot

"As a life assistant and end-of-life Doula, I adapt to the person who comes to me, with the aim of supporting them on their journey. I accompany the elderly and those suffering from illness, and I offer specific, attentive support to people in mourning, people approaching the end of life, and to family caregivers. Being of service is the basis of my practice. In service of the Living. In service of nature, of which humans are a part, and of humans, who are a part of nature. I like to nourish my soul by painting the colors and movement of life, by cooking, dancing and laughing, and I'm keen to share this with the people I accompany. For me, the simplicity of the encounter helps us to let go and brings us back to basics."

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Coralie Noaille

"Trained as a psychomotrician with a passion for movement and learning, I decided to train in the Feldenkrais Method. Very quickly, this learning process became part of my consultations and played an increasingly important role in my personal and professional life. Today, I have the pleasure of accompanying people in this process, which enhances self-awareness and opens up new possibilities and openings in both mind and body."

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